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Social Media Management Consultation


I will help you develop a plan that fits your needs, including needs for budget, strategy, and assessment!

Hire me for Social Media Management Consultation services. I will provide you with an expert’s view of your social presence, make recommendations to improve your social strategy and assist you in developing a cohesive social approach that helps you drive results.

Social media can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling a business and personal life. I offer one-on-one consultation to help you strategize your social media goals, how to achieve them, and how to save time by streamlining your work. Together we’ll find the best tools and systems you need to automate your workflow – saving you time and money!

I can help you improve your social media presence, leading to increased traffic, sales and profits!

I’ll research leads, make posts and monitor hashtags so you can focus on doing great work. I’m also happy to work with you to create compelling content for your social channels and update your social profiles.

I help businesses just like yours to evaluate their current marketing and sales strategies and provide you with personalized recommendations that address any gaps discovered. My expertise lies in helping small businesses, in particular, to better manage their marketing efforts by leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I’ll listen to your goals and suggest a strategy that works for you!  Allow me to help you grow your social media presence faster!

Social media impacts your brand. Are you managing your social media presence effectively? Explore the different options and opportunities with me.

Social Media Management Consultation includes: – Strategy and Content Planning – Optimized account setup – Optimized post scheduling – Community management (responding to comments and posts) – Monthly metrics reporting – Social Media Channel Marketing Development & Growth – Facebook Page Setup and Optimization – Facebook Advertising – Twitter Setup & Optimization Services