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  • Web Edits

    Already have an existing WordPress website and don’t want a new one created? Purchase the web edits and allow me to fix what issues you…

  • Policy Creation

    With this service, I will be setting up all the policies that fit your organization’s needs. The policies are the following: Acceptable use policy, Privacy…

  • Quick Start Websites

    Not sure where to start? Get a Quickstart Website to get your business up and going! Get started today with a one-page website, a policy…

  • Social MediaSocial Media Set Up

    If you want a strong online presence, having social media is vital. With this service, not only will I be giving you a running start,…

  • Website Audit Report

    This service is essential for anyone who has an existing website who wants to know why their online presence is stalling and receive tips and…

  • Web Consultations

    When a consultation is bought, we will be going over your website questionnaire to ensure I am doing an adequate job and ensuring that all…