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The Designer’s Corner

Sticking to a Schedule


One thing that I hated growing up was sticking to a schedule. I would often try my very hardest to not stick to the schedule and just do my own thing. You know, go with the flow! Well, that all changed when I got a taste of reality and saw how important schedules are and how they can make your life so much easier.

Now I’m not talking about a work schedule to tell you when you are working. I’m talking about a schedule that has all your tasks planned out. For me, this has been a lifesaver and a convenient way of making sure that I stay on task and don’t get side tracked. One major problem that most people have is staying on task, especially now that we are working from home with so many distractions. 

Everyday, I come into my office and look at my schedule that I have (excuse my chicken scratch). I have it ordered based off of importance or what is most urgent. As the I finish a task, I erase the task and continue down the list. Every weekend, I update my list with current tasks and the list eventually shrinks but is never empty.

An important part to defining your legacy, is sticking to a schedule so you can meet client deadlines and ensure your customer satisfaction. The best way to realize how important a schedule is to place yourself in the clients shoes. How would you feel if you paid for a service and never knew when you were going to receive your product? You probably wouldn’t be happy.  This could lead to people leaving negative reviews and those never go away. 

Schedules are also key to setting yourself up to success in the future. If your work gets done rather quick this opens up your availability to where you can always help other clients or even get clients completed.

My Schedule